Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Ensuring customer satisfaction through quick and accurate call routing. While people want to speak with a human immediately, companies have been using call routing with an interactive voice response system to try to get the customer to the right person. While this helps get customers to the right call centers and departments, it can increase frustration for the caller, which will add to your handle time because the customer will inevitably vent on your representative, raising the call handle time. IVR's can be a valuable tool to any company with high call volume, but remember: if you lose all your customers, you don't have a business, and no reason to have that fancy IVR.

Example of Bad IVR Experiences

The example below is meant to give insight into how a customer perceives the IVR system, and possibly into how the customer feels interaction with [your company] could be improved.

"I recently called company about their driver leaving the trash can in front of my mailbox. The mailman wouldn't deliver when the trash can was in the way. When I dialed the company phone number, it said 'Due to unexpected high call volume there is an unusually long hold time.' Then, after a pause, 'you are caller number two.' I can't imagine what the their IVR says when there's a hundred people on the line."- J.D.

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